• Date: 2 August 2017
  • Posted By: admin

Welcome to our first August edition of The Hub Retail Recruitment’s Weekly News Snippets. This week we’re whetting your appetite with these stories: Mirror mirror on the wall who is the richest of them all?; Roll up for your Christmas decs; Raising contactless; the gender pay gap at the BBC – women have their say.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the richest of them all?: For years, the richest person in the world has been Bill Gates. Last week he was knocked off that #1 slot by Jeff Bezos. You might not know his name but you most likely use his company quite or very regularly – Amazon. But his number 1 slot was very short lived, as he was knocked off by Amancio Ortega. You might not know his name either, but he owns the group that own Zara. However, with the fluctuations in the share prices of their respective companies, Mr Gates was soon back on top – but those top slots are moving around like musical chairs!

Roll up for your Christmas decs: No, we haven’t gone mad! Selfridges has once again opened its Christmas shop in order to capture the summer tourist market – complete with Santa Claus opening the event. Although it seems incongruous – shopping for Christmas decorations in the summer – with the autumnal weather we’re experiencing at the moment perhaps it doesn’t seem quite so odd. And apparently not for the tourists in this article – the tills were ringing out quite nicely, and the  £50 corgi baubles seemed quite popular!

Raising Contactless: Are you finding the £30 limit…well, limiting! We certainly are. And so are the retailers. With this payment form not only becoming more and more popular, it’s also showing that sales for retailers who have the technology are up – small wonder then that the industry is calling for the limit to be raised – some want a ceiling of £50, others £100. We’d plump for £100, but we also understand that this would create a higher risk when debit cards are lost or stolen. What do you think? Keep it as it is? Raise it to £50? Raise it to £100? Let us know your point of view.

The gender pay gap at the BBC – women have their say: As reported last week, the BBC publication of salaries over £150,000 has caused waves – big ones. A strong band of female ‘names’ wrote an open letter to Tony Hall in response, calling on him to do something about the huge gender pay gap, saying that it’s existed and that the BBC has been aware of it, for years. Who are these ‘names’ – well, people like Clare Balding, Victoria Derbyshire, Sue Barker, Alex Jones. They’re saying they recognise that they’re really well paid for what they do, but that equality is important. It sounds to us as if the pay men are getting – such as Chris Evans – needs to be bought down, by around 50-75%, and then maybe we’ll be getting better value for our licence fee. And we would reiterate our point made last week – getting work at the BBC for entertainers of every genre means they’re set up for life – so we don’t believe it’s necessary to pay men up to £2.2m!!! Here’s the letter from the women.

Well, that’s it for another week. The sun is on it’s way, so we’ll be back to sun cream and ice lollies next week! Until then, have a good week, and see you back here on Wednesday, 9th August.