• Date: 21 June 2017
  • Posted By: admin

Today might turn this summer into the hottest since 1995. If you’re feeling a bit too hot, here’s some stories for you to read in the shade – and we’d advise having an ice lolly whilst you’re at it! This week we’ve got for you: Sainsbury’s is shopping again; Tesco home deliveries hit by a glitch; Buy a new car at…Amazon! and It’s go home on time day.

Sainsbury’s is shopping again: As you know from our previous blogs, last year Sainsbury’s bought Argos and Habitat. And it’s proved to be a shrewd move as Argos is holding up its sales figures. Now Sainsbury’s is looking to buy Nisa – the corner shop group which includes Londis and Budgen – a move that is similar to Tesco’s bid to buy Booker. Why are both these supermarkets after our local shops? Well, it’s a reflection of the way we’ve changed our shopping habits: rather than doing our big weekly shop, as we did for many a year, we now buy smaller quantities of groceries, but we buy them more often. And for that we use our local shops, rather than going out to the superstores. Neither Tesco or Sainsbury’s have closed their respective deals yet – but we’ll keep you posted.

Tesco home deliveries hit by a glitch: Were you one of the 10% of Tesco’s customers affected by its recent IT glitch? Apparently, orders were cancelled across the UK, and some of those customers turned to social media to vent their frustrations. This one gives you a flavour: ‘what are you up to? 2nd grocery shop cancellation in 3wks! Due at 11am+ has the suncream+ picnic for today’s school sports day!’ Tesco of course say its working to resolve the problem and apologies unreservedly for any inconvenience caused. But it’s a very costly glitch – both in lost orders, and most likely returning customers will take a hit too.

Buy a new car at…Amazon!: If you’re thinking of buying a new car soon, you’re probably looking around your local dealerships. Perhaps at VW, Ford, Mini, Honda. How about Amazon? Yes, the online retailer is thinking it might offer to sell you a new car. However, it’s not as much of a stretch as you might think. Apparently, it’s already doing it in France, with Seat, and in Italy, with Fiat. So it’s considering partnering with a car manufacturer in the UK, to offer deals and placement of an order through the Amazon platform. Another development we’ll keep you updated on.

It’s go home on time day: Today is the longest day. Our Summer Solstice. You know that already without us telling you. But did you know that it’s also ‘Go home on time day’? This is an initiative by the charity ‘Working Families’. It’s to help remind us that our work/life balance is really important – and to at least get home from work on time for a day. Why? In the hope that you might not only like it but realise that staying late just isn’t productive. So, make sure you leave on time today.

That’s it for this week. Next week will be our Monthly Newsround – a roundup of the stories that have caught our eye in June, which we’ve been saving up for you. We’ll see you back here on then on 28th June. Have a great week until then – and keep putting on the sun screen!