• Date: 7 June 2017
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It is with great sadness and disbelief that we start another News Snippets expressing our deepest condolences to the victims and their families & friends of another atrocity. We live in a very uncertain world. As many of those affected have said, we must carry on living our lives despite these horrible events that are aimed at shaking our confidence in our everyday way of life. It seems somewhat trite to bring you stories that seem insignificant in the light of these acts of terrorism – but it is our way of carrying on. So this week we bring to you: Google’s palatial plans; A Waitrose adds equity to your home; Consumer spending down; £140k to relocate; and Beware changing someone’s job.

Googles’ palatial plans: Would you like to work in an office that boasts a terraced roof garden (to include a running track) market halls, an auditoria and shops on its ground floor? Yes! Well, Google has applied for planning permission to build an office that will bring together its current 3 offices, and will accommodate 7000 people. As this articles says, Google is known for being one of the best companies to work for. And it’s certainly going all out with this design, which will use ‘healthy materials’ as part of its plans for a state-of-the-art complex.

A Waitrose adds equity to our home: According to research by Lloyds Bank, if you own a home close to a Waitrose, it could add £36,000 to your equity. Apparently, if we live in the vicinity of a national supermarket, our house price is going to be higher – so for instance, being near an M&S brings in £29,000, and a Sainsbury’s around £26,000. How convenient is your local supermarket? Perhaps next time you’re thinking of buying, you might want to make sure you’re handy for the local branch – especially a Waitrose!

£140k to relocate: Apparently, Tesco’s shareholders aren’t happy about the remuneration package of its Chief Executive, Dave Lewis – especially as it includes £140k for relocation expenses incurred by Mr Lewis when he sold his home in London and moved  to Welwyn Garden City to be closer to the retailers head office. It must have been quite some transaction as this money accounts for stamp duty and legal expenses. There’s been a lot of push back from shareholders over senior executive remuneration in various companies over the past year, and this shows that there continues to be close scrutiny of boardroom pay. In this instance, Mr Lewis’ complete package is at a ratio of 294:1 of the average Tesco employee, which was deemed to be “unacceptable”.

Consumer spending down: We spent less in the shops in May – down 4.4% – the lowest for over 4 years. And whilst online sales didn’t dip, they did slow down to an increase of 4.3% compared to May 2016 when it was up by 14%. It would seem that climbing inflation and slowing pay increases means that we’re spending less, as this report by The British Retail Consortium shows. It could also be as a result of uncertainty around the general election and Brexit. So let’s see what happens once we know who’s in Downing Street on Friday.

Beware changing someone’s job: From time to time, the responsibilities of a job change, and therefore the job description needs updating. But as this recent Employment Tribunal case shows, those changes need to be of an equivalent level, and certainly has to be done in consultation with those affected by the changes. In this case, a business manager in a school was stripped of her managerial responsibilities and told to do ‘officey things’. The ET found that this constituted unfair dismissal. What the compensation will be is yet to be determined – but we’ll let you know as soon as it is.‘officey%20things’#

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